Hey, Mille here! I made a spreadsheet then I made another then another. Now there's an entire network of them.

I plan on discontinuing a fair amount of the spreadsheets soon because I'm getting involved in a new PSO2NGS wiki project! The weapon comparison and damage calculator sheets will remain, but I am going to be phasing out all older sheets in favor of directing traffic to the wiki.

Once the wiki is ready to be pushed online, you'll see it here! However, due to having outdated information, I am going to be removing links to sheets I am currently not maintaining to avoid spreading outdated information.

This impacts the new user onboarding guide sheet (due to a heavily streamlined new user experience), the Enhancement EXP calculator (due to Endymio), and the Drop Charts sheet, simply due to having old/outdated information that will be fixed on the wiki anyway. Existing links to them will still work, however.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@mille_pso2).
I'm also technically always recruiting for an alliance as well if that interests you.

Spreadsheet Links:


@jojobii here...

@mille_pso2 said it'd be cool to have a more presentable hub for their resources for The Hit Action MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis , so we're working on this together :3

Typos or suggestions? Reach out to me on Twitter (@jojobii) or file an Issue on the GitHub Repo!