well then look no further...

(or do, i'm not your boss)

Sand Bird

A PSO2:NGS Alliance

(very cool)

this alliance may be for you if

  • You're in a one-two person alliance and also want to actually get stuff from alliance shop
  • You like to hit things
  • You're relatively new to the game and want reasonable feedback
  • You want all my spreadsheets in one place
  • You want to see me ramble about sociopathic ngs math at 3am
  • You're one of the other two people on the server that played maiden&spell and mained sun priestess

this alliance may not be for you if

  • you want to do super high-end organized stuff (i am casual at heart)
  • your character has maxed thighs, hips, and uses balloon bosom or flesh colored sphere to unironically have gigantic and disproportionate boobs
  • you're somehow more arrogant than i am, which is saying a lot
  • you played maiden&spell and thought sunny was impossible to approach

why join an alliance with me?


  • i actually like ngs
  • i still play pso2 sometimes (for weekly ranking stuff)
  • you are in an alliance with me
  • you can add another dead discord server to your hoard of emote servers
  • i hate voice channel spam since i know that overwhelms people


  • i am extremely strict
  • you are in an alliance with me
  • you will basically never see voice channel activity
  • you are adding another dead discord server to your hoard of emote servers


if you are interested you can either contact me ingame (PID Mille Marteaux) or shout at me on twitter (@mille_pso2) which is where i assume you got this page from

i am currently, and for the forseeable future, going to be the only person with any leadership/invite/kick permissions in this alliance so there won't be any room for those bullshit-ass power struggles that happen in public alliances sometimes. i also have every right to deny entry or kick you for basically any reason (such as disliking your vibes) but if i kick you you are free to ask why i did so and i will tell you. but be careful

the server invite link if you don't want to wait on me on twitter or ngs though is here...

but there is a purgatory waiting room channel because that's just how i run things so do wait warmly


“but are the discord emotes good?”
you tell me gif of emojis on server

“is that an animated zanverse petpat emote?”
yes zanverse babie

“what about a bot that generates random ngs content prompts?”
sure (also available on

bot account